Military insulated coveralls are designed to be a one piece loosely fitted garment that is used to protect a worker from the outside forces such as workplace trauma and dirt. Most popular among mechanics, painters, train engineers, and assembly workers the military also is a strong advocate of insulated coveralls. A proper set of overalls will cover the entire body, from its wrists to its ankles, and some even come with fire retardant such as Nomex. They are also designed from strong and sturdy materials such as poly, that allow it to resist cuts and rips. Typically they are colored with beige, dark green, blue, and even gray.

Military insulated coveralls are designed with camouflage and come with numerous modifications that are made directly for various work environments and duties. Flight suits for example are made from Nomex and contain an even heavier lining to prevent burns to pilots that are caught in fires and high temperatures. Other insulated coveralls are made from water resistant materials for those workers that are in such environments. Construction workers and road workers have specially designed materials made to allow bending and padding to help protect knees and joints. Typically road workers and construction workers insulated suits differ from military insulated suits in the color of the suit rather than design. Construction workers have suits that are bright colored to make them more visible while working in busy and dangerous environments.