A popular insulated coverall is the Air Force Insulated Coverall Flight Suit. A flight suit is a full body clothing, worn while flying powered aircrafts such as helicopters, and military airplanes. The suits are designed to keep the wearer warm, and offer a practical and viable solution for being durable and fire retardant.

The visual appearance of an air force insulated coverall is that it looks similar to a jumpsuit. Typically the flight suits show the rankings of the wearer and other insignias. If necessary the suits can double as a combat uniform in a CQB or VBSS situation. The current standard by the Navy and Air Force is that the suits are made Nomex, a fabric that is known for being lightweight as well as fire resistant. The flame retardant capabilities make Nomex a first choice for aviators in case of a fire.

The current model that the US military wears is known as the CWU 27/P. Flight suits made out of other materials that are not fire retardant are typically worn only for recreational use, primarily by construction workers, mechanics, for Halloween costumes, hunting and other similar hobbies.

Other names for air force flight suits are military air force suits, body suits, Nomex flight suits, long sleeved clothing, jump suits, costume jumpsuits, USAF flying suit, Army jumpsuit, and many other combination’s.