Whether you are a loading dock worker, delivery man, truck driver or even a construction worker there are many different insulated coveralls to choose from. There are a wide range of conditions that require insulated coveralls, as such there are many different types created for these types of conditions.

Insulated coveralls are a one piece garment that is created to be worn in many different types of climates, ranging from warm to freezing. The garments are designed to fit loosely over additional clothing and layers to protect the clothing worn underneath from the workplace conditions and dirt. A proper coverall covers the entire body, from the wrists to the ankles, some offer a detachable hood as well. Insulated coveralls are typically made with high quality materials that won’t rip easily, such as nylon and polycotton shells. They are typically created out of colors that are work friendly, such as beige, blue, dark green, and other colors that hide dirt and grease well. There are also specially designed coveralls that are designed from flame retardant materials for firefighters and pilots. Insulated coveralls are most popular with mechanics, skiers, painters, train engineers, firemen, and assembly line workers.

Some insulated coveralls are created for intense cold and wet weather conditions, while others are made with a thinner lining allowing for a type of coverall that doesn’t do as well in frigid conditions. Don’t settle for just any type of insulated coverall, by doing proper research you can purchase the correct coverall for your industry.

If you are looking for an insulated coverall that are made specifically for a cold weather work you will want to find an insulated coverall that comes in tough poly/cotton twill shell, nylon lining and atleast a 6 ounce poly fiberfill which allows for optimal warmth. Be sure to look for things like zippers, and pockets that are in convenient areas that allow you to bring all your necessary tools, keys, and gadgets.

For even colder conditions, such as for ski and rescue suits, make sure that you have a heavy waterproof oxford nylon shell, also we recommend a Holofil 808 insulation. These are also excellent for touring on motorcycles and snowmobiles.

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